The Horizon Foundation, a philanthropic nonprofit in Maryland, has teamed up with Howard County to form the Howard County Better Choices Coalition, an initiative to promote the health of Maryland residents.

This public service announcement is one result of the collaboration, promoting healthier substitutes for soda using slogans like “Burp Better.” It may sound gross, but it’s certainly getting people’s attention.

According to the Howard County Unsweetened website, the commercial directly responds to the marketing tactics of Coca-Cola, which spends two-thirds of their $2.9 billion advertising budget promoting sugary sodas rather than the many healthier drinks it produces. Coca-Cola has 33 non-alcoholic brands, including Vitamin Water, bottled waters, Simply Orange juice, Powerade, and Minute Maid juices, some of which contain far less sugar than Coke or no sugar at all. But thanks to huge media buys for Coke or Diet Coke, you would never think that those big red delivery trucks on the road might be full of fruit juice.

Did you know? There are 39 grams of sugar in a 12-oz can of Coke, which exceeds the American Heart Association’s recommended daily intake of sugar for an adult man (36 grams) and far exceeds the recommended amount for adult women (20 grams). Imagine what that means for children who need considerably fewer amounts. Surveys have found that the average American consumes more than twice the recommended amount of sugar each day, and that this contributes to poor health.

So the message is clear: soda is bad for you. But can you safely say, as Howard County does, that “obesity comes in a red can?”
  • Campaign : Howard County Better Choices Coalition
  • Year : 2013

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