In 2014, First Lady Michelle Obama launched the "Reach Higher" initiative, a public interest campaign with a goal of increasing America's world ranking in college graduates from 12th to 1st. The centerpiece of the campaign is the website, which includes tips on applying for college, text message reminders and a space to post selfies of college visits. "Saying things out loud makes them happen" is the site's mantra.

To drive traffic to the website, Michelle Obama teamed up with Saturday Night Live's Jay Pharoah and College Humor for a music video, "Go To College."

Michelle Obama and Jay Pharoah Team Up For College Enrollment

The video begins with two high school students having a comically exaggerated stilted conversation: "What are you going to do after high school?" says one. "I don't know. Just hang out I guess," the other responds.

Then Pharaoh appears from under a table, to scold them in verse. Walking them to the White House, he raps, "Telescope and stay focused / Make a mark and get noticed / Get the degree thermostat / Help me out, FLOTUS!"

Obama joins in as Pharoah makes it rain in the White House's Diplomatic Reception Room: "If you want to fly jets / you should go to college / reach and cash checks / fill your head with knowledge / if you want to watch paint / don't go to college / but for everything else / you should go to college."

Pharoah returns to rap with the kids: "Finance is a since / but you still need a degree / archeology, astronomy" – then one of the students holds up a sign that says "astrology," prompting Pharoah to shut him down.

Michelle Obama: PSA Star

Michelle reappears with Pharoah, strutting in slow motion as a voice announces, "FLOTUS, on the track.”

"South Side Chicago / we all know / we had to do overtime every night / to make it tomorrow," raps FLOTUS. The song ends with the two parting separate ways in the front of the White House, then Pharoah upbraiding the audience: "You go to college!"

We don't know whether the spot will actually get more kids to apply for college. But after her star turns in PSA to eat healthy foodexercise and hire veterans, we do know Michelle Obama will be a hard act to follow.

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