The Got Your 6 campaign started in 2012, collaborating with Hollywood to normalize the portrayal of military veterans in TV and film and to help veterans re-integrate into civilian life.

The latest PSA from the initiative is a bit of cross-promotion, pairing Michelle Obama with the animated Penguins of Madagascar, which just so happens to have a new movie out in theaters.

Michelle Obama Helping Vets Return To Civilian Life

The PSA is in the line with the overarching objective of Got Your 6, showing how veterans learn important skills that contribute to society after their service is over.

We see the penguin leader Skipper interrupt the First Lady's praising of the "courageous, most highly skilled people in this country," to complain, "We're a little tired of the Seals getting all the good missions. What about us penguins?"

Michelle gives him a "top secret" mission called "Got Your 6." Skipper explains to the group that their task to is to debunk "the wrong ideas some people have about the military."

Skipper, Kowalski and Private Have a Top Secret Mission

After Skipper explains to the penguin Private that they are discussing "Veterans Day" and not "Veterinarian's Day," Kowalski informs that when veterans come home, "some go to college, others get jobs, and all of them are eager to help in the community." And in a message seemingly more geared to employers than children, he adds that they have "leadership training" and "they're great with problem solving and working with teams."

Instead of spelling out what veterans did while in the military, Skipper suggests kids "ask them some questions about their experiences. They may have some cool stories..."

Got Your 6, a project of Be The Change, already claims success in how Hollywood portrays vets on screen, crediting "neutral" depictions of main characters in "Modern Family" and "The Newsroom." Its latest PSA extends their outreach to the next generation, which may even help the armed forces find a few more recruits.

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