Back in October 2014, we covered an ad released by enviro billionaire, Tom Steyer, and his team at NextGen Climate. This ad aired during the World Series and other prime time shows with the goal of influencing the midterm races in Florida, Iowa, Michigan and Colorado.

In December 2014, NextGen reposted the 2014 ad online, removing text at the close of the ad stating, “Vote November 4” in the revised version. The sentiment is the same: there have always been leaders and “informed” individuals who have misled people about different aspects of the world. We have been told (and at one time, believed) that the world is flat and that smoking is safe, and NextGen wants you to remember that when evaluating statements from leaders that state climate change is not happening—or at least, that it is not caused by humans.

The organization is no doubt repositioning itself for the handful of U.S. elections in 2015 and gearing up for the presidential in 2016. It will be interesting to hear tonight’s State of the Union address in the context of these reminders of history.

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