Move over sex ed teachers, HBO’s John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight, has stepped in to talk about sex education.

In this segment, Oliver shows news reports of angry parents appalled by what their middle school kids are learning in health class. But let’s face it – sex ed is “as much a staple in the school year as square pizza.”

But every state has its own rules and curriculum guide for health class, and it varies from abstinence-only education, to really terrible metaphors about sex to schools prohibiting condom demonstrations in class, making teachers resort to creative ways around the rule.

Sex Ed #RealTalk

It’s time for real sex ed talk. John Oliver uses comedy to make his point, and by leveraging the star power of celebrities, the PSA is sure to get attention online and on social media. Check out Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Laverne Cox, Aisha Tyler and many others in the video above.

The PSA covers anatomy, birth control, abstinence and consent. Although the video has a comedic twist, it is much more direct than the outdated 1970s or 80s educational PSAs shown in schools today, which frankly beat around the bush. Kids these days can handle a refreshing dose of real information.

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