President Barack Obama aired a recorded message for the star power at the 2015 Grammy’s earlier this month, stating that, of rape, “It’s not okay—and it has to stop.” The message was released as a part of the White House’s “It’s On Us” campaign to increase public awareness around sexual assault on college campuses.

Musicians Should Lead #ItsOnUs

He explains that musicians, and broadly, artists, are in a unique position to lead the charge in the fight against sexual assault because they have tremendous followings and their “music and message help shape our culture.”

He asks that everyone take the pledge, #ItsOnUs, to create culture where violence isn’t tolerated.

Did Obama Miss The Moment?

Some are claiming that Obama missed the moment in the fight against domestic violence by not specifically calling out musicians for writing lyrics glorifying violence against women and demeaning women, something seen infamously in genres like rap with “famed woman-hater Eminem” at the helm.

Nina Easton, a reporter for Fortune, tweeted, in response: “@BarackObama let’s start by rejecting lyrics that promote violence against women,” which has led to a flurry of responses and retweets on Twitter.

Rather than just ask for a pledge to end domestic violence and sexual assault, why didn’t the President ask: “How about taking a pledge not to celebrate it?”

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