Is This Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders Political Cartoon Offensive?
Activists are calling for Sacramento Bee’s editorial board to apologize for an offensive political cartoon featuring Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders.

The cartoon features her legs crossed and an up-the-skirt angle that would titillate the less than mature cadre of middle schoolers. Sharing a couch, the Democratic frontrunner is shown as a giant compared to Bernie’s diminutive frame.

The caption: “Sen. Sanders Ponders How To Move Her To The Left…”

Overtly referring to her lady parts, this is not the first – nor the last – sexist attack Clinton will face during the marathon of the 2016 presidential election.

Some argue that not only is this offensive to the female candidate, but it’s also offensive to lefty socialist Senator Sanders – who is known to be an advocate for women’s rights.

Don’t expect editorial boards and the press to immediately stop printing sexist or even sexual content… sex sells and many newspapers are barely treading water, scrambling to meet their bottom-line.

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Political cartoonist Jack Ohman has been with The Sacramento Bee since 2012 and was previously at The Oregonian in Portland. Recently, he joined in on the Clinton campaign logo fun with this political cartoon below. And in case you missed it, freelance graphic artist Rick Wolff got his 15 minutes of fame by turning her logo into a new font called “Hillvetica.”


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