The super PAC Right to Rise has made clear that it sees Marco Rubio as the chief obstacle to a Jeb Bush comeback, starting 2016 with an ad attacking the Florida senator as a "Washington politician."

Now the political consultants are following up the left-handed jab with a right-handed roundhouse, ripping Rubio for flip-flopping on "amnesty."

Right To Rise Calls Marco Rubio a "Washington Politician"

The animated political ad "Vane" puts Rubio's mug on top of a swirling, squeaky weathervane, as a narrator chronicles his many shifts in his immigration position. "He ran for Senate saying he opposed amnesty, but then he flipped, worked with liberal Chuck Schumer to co-author the path to citizenship. He threatened to vote against it, and then voted for it. He supported his own DREAM Act, and then he abandoned it."

Drumming the theme from the previous ad, the narrator concludes, "Marco Rubio, just another Washington politician you can't trust." Though unlike the earlier ad, this one pivots to tout Jeb, slapping his face on a speeding train and declaring, "Jeb Bush. He's a leader, so you always know where he stands."

But Wasn't Jeb Bush for Immigration Reform?

Notably, the narrator didn't say Jeb Bush opposed "amnesty." Because in 2013 Bush supported that immigration bill Rubio co-authored with Chuck Schumer and argued it didn't amount to amnesty.

The political operatives at Right To Rise want to gloss over that fact. They want you to see Jeb Bush as steadfast, but they don't want to say what position on which he's so steadfast.

Could it work? It did for Jeb's dad. George Herbert Walker Bush recovered from a loss in the 1988 Iowa caucus by hammering Sen. Bob Dole for flip-flops in the famous "Senator Straddle" ad, to win the New Hampshire primary. We'll see if today's generation of Bush operatives can run with the same playbook.

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