Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul announced this morning that he is suspending his 2016 presidential campaign and will focus on defending his Senate seat.

The firebrand Libertarian kicked off his campaign in early April of last year. He quickly built a reputation for being aggressive and combative – challenging Donald Trump immediately on the debate stage, and releasing ads that often featured him burning something or blowing something up.

Paul was once considered by many pundits to be a formidable presidential contender, but once that proved not to be the case, his message slowly pivoted and Paul started running an issue-oriented campaign and focused more on his Libertarian values.

Paul often presented a unique perspective on key issues, compared to his Republican rivals, who he often attacked for lacking “true conservative principles.” Some of his strongest moments came when he debated Marco Rubio on tax credits and military spending, sparred with Chris Christie over the NSA and attacked Ted Cruz’s Libertarian credentials.

Paul may be finished campaigning for president, but he still has plenty of campaigning to do in his home state of Kentucky, where he is defending his Senate seat against Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, an openly gay Democrat.

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