Fred David, the Republican media consultant responsible for Carly Fiorina’s infamous Demon Sheep ad, is back at it – this time bringing us something a little more frightening… a demon proctologist.

David created this spot for Republican Robert Blaha’s announcement joining the U.S. senatorial race in Colorado.

The TV ad features an exploding toilet, a vigorous rectal examination and bobble heads of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Blaha’s opponent incumbent Democratic Senator Michael Bennet.

“We actually are making what we call a product guarantee and we are calling it the Robert Blaha Product Guarantee,” Blaha said to The Denver Post after his official announcement.


Blaha Makes First Ad Buy of the Colorado Senate Race

“Product Guarantee” is Blaha’s first TV ad and the first ad buy of the Colorado U.S. senatorial race. Blaha’s campaign spent $47,000 on TV ads that will air on Fox News in Denver, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction in the next two weeks.

Additionally, the campaign spent $9,000 for a minute-long ad that aired after the Denver Broncos playoff game last Sunday – a perfect time to catch the attention of most Colorado residents (and possibly scare them with that frightening rectal exam).

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