This PSA by Save the Children features a young girl from the UK whose life turns for the worse in a matter of seconds, starting off with a birthday party and ice cream and ending up living in a war torn country and being homeless.

Of course, the UK isn’t under attack, but this London-based organization wants the viewer to know that “just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.”

Save the Children is fighting to bring awareness to the plight of Syrian children by providing them the basics they need in order to survive. The impactful video reached 21 million views in only five days, with 48 million to date.


Syria’s Future Still Bleak as UN’s Refugee Aid Slashed

Sadly, since this PSA’s release in March 2014, Syria’s situation has remained dire. Due to funding shortfalls, the UN has been forced to slash food aid at the beginning of July to 1.6 million of the 3.9 million Syrian refugees worldwide.

Syria’s neighbors, who have absorbed many of its refugees, are also considering stepping in and intervening. Jordan already established a buffer zone, but now Jordanian leaders are mulling over a direct intervention. Turkey has shocked the region by unveiling its plans to send in its own troops.

However, the growing presence of the terrorist group ISIS within Syria has made it difficult for these countries and the international community to intervene directly.

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