Since drugs have existed, the linear progression of a drug addict has not changed. The reason why so many anti-drug ads have been produced with the same story is because the story is true.

In the 1950s, when “Marty’s” story came out, this ad was unlike others because it showed the extensive progression of an addict. Marty is every kid. Marty is relatable. Marty is interchangeable.

The story goes as follows: Marty is introduced to marijuana by friends. Marty is doing this for fun, but starts making bad decisions. He is exposed to more drugs and starts acting differently. After losing his job, his friends, and his hobbies, Marty is only interested in one thing. Drugs. Marty starts stealing from parents to support his habit and is in denial that he has a problem. Marty starts distributing drugs to enable his addiction. Drug dealer wins. Family loses.

During this decade, the marijuana drug was heavily blamed as a gateway drug for heroin. Federal laws passed that enforced a stricter sentence for marijuana possession as well as mandatory sentences for drug related offenses.

Even as D.A.R.E launched in the 1980s, one of the largest anti-drug education program, Marty’s storyline prevailed.

If the story continues to be the same, what is the best ad to get one’s point across?
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