“Well I don’t think smoking is grown up at all!” When you think of anti-smoking campaigns, what images come into your mind? Tarred lungs, tracheostomies, and R2D2 sneaking a smoke in the electrical room? Well, most likely not the third, but you will after watching “Star Wars Smoking PSA.”

Two of our favorite Star Wars characters talk about how harmful smoking is to droids and humans. As usual, C-3PO is the voice of reason, convincing R2 not to smoke. The reasons? Well you can check it out for yourself, but we know it’s hard not to listen and take notes when they are giving us advice, similar to other characters in PSAs.

Thank you for setting a good example for us humans, and, yes C-3PO, we believe you do have a heart!

Did you know? We know what you’re thinking: are there more Star Wars PSAs? Don’t worry, there are! Check out R2D2 and C-3PO informing us about fully immunizing our children. Also, characters from Star Wars’ famous Cantina do not let their friends drive drunk.

  • Year : 1980
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