"Take a bite out of crime" – such a great, memorable slogan. In this 30-second public service announcement, all you need to know is: lock your door.

Although this tip may be simple, McGruff the Crime Dog knows that “all crime needs is a chance.” He shows this to us by strolling into an unlocked home, explaining how forgetful people can be. Apparently a lot of doors were left unlocked in 1980, which can let in a lot worse than cartoon crime-fighting dogs.

The ad was created by the Ad Council for the National Crime Prevention Center in 1980 as a way to teach children about crime and how to be more aware of their surroundings. McGruff is a symbol among children and adults for how to fight crime with preventive measures. Today, topics such as cyberbullying, telemarketing fraud and gun safety are included in McGruff’s repertoire.

Did you know? After two years of airing these ads, there was a nationwide contest to figure out a name for the cartoon crime dog. A common entry, which obviously wasn’t the winner, was Sherlock Bones. The winning name was submitted by a New Orleans police officer.

McGruff is multi-talented and also teaches kids catchy songs about not using drugs. [Warning: contains dangerously catchy tunes that will make you want to dance and sing along (don’t worry, they provide the lyrics!)]

  • Year : 1980
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