The Thames Valley Police in England launched “Tea and Consent” – a simple and straightforward PSA that attempts to clear up any confusion around sexual consent by using a tea metaphor.

The video reenacts different scenarios and explains when you can “give your guest tea,” and when you can’t.

For example, did your guest want tea last week, but doesn’t want tea this week? Don’t give it to them.

Is your guest unconscious? Then definitely don’t force them to drink tea.

The Thames Valley Police’s #ConsentisEverything Campaign

Thames Valley Police launched #ConsentisEverything to educate society on what “true consent” means. The police department partnered with Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre, Rape Crisis, and Oxford University Student Union to help spread awareness.

Thames Valley Police also worked with Blue Seat Studios and blogger Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess, the original creators of the video, to revamp the PSA for the campaign.

At the campaign’s launch, a representative from Oxford University Student Union commented, “’No means no’ isn’t strong enough” and it’s time to have a “clear conversation about what consent is.”

And what better way to grab a Brit’s attention than with tea?

We think AdWeek said it best: If the English compare tea to sex, it “explains a lot about the Boston Tea Party… [and how] refusing tea got to be such a big deal.”

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