The Jeb Bush campaign continues to pound on Donald Trump more than his other rivals, betting that enough primary voters will ultimately be more concerned about his general election prospects than impressed by his colorful antics.

The latest salvo is the ad "Election Night," a peek into the future of a Trump nomination, which ends in the most nightmarish way possible for a Republican: a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Jeb Bush Argues That Trump Leads To President Hillary

The ad feels like a movie trailer, with the ominous sound of violins making viewers feel tense. The date, "Tuesday, November 8, 2016" is splashed on the screen. We hear Wolf Blitzer's familiar voice report, "Alright, with almost all the vote now actually counted we can now project that Hillary Clinton will win." Chris Matthews, almost as big a bête noire to Republicans as Hillary, says "I'm watching Hillary Clinton receive the victory tonight," as we see a news chyron report "Donald Trump Concedes Defeat With Twitter Post." Current pundit commentary is re-purposed as post-game analysis, as one says "They look at Donald Trump as the greatest gift from heaven, an easy person to beat in the general election."

Then just when we hear Hillary's "victory" speech, the footage rapidly rewinds and "DON'T PANIC" blares in giant letters.

Will Republicans Reward Jeb For Attacking Trump?

The music calms. Text on the screen assures, "It's not too late to change the future. Vote Jeb."

No case is made why Jeb is the best person for the job. But the implicit message is that Jeb is proving his mettle by daring to take Trump on. Bush's political consultants have to hope that message is clear amidst the barrage of ads from the large field of candidates. Even if Bush's punch lands, it doesn't mean that voters will reward him for it.

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