Donald Trump insists that he knows how to make deals – it’s part of his appeal. Ted Cruz on the other hand? In this ad he makes the case that making deals across the aisle is synonymous with conceding to liberals.

That’s why on the eve of the Iowa Caucuses, Ted Cruz made the case that Donald Trump’s deal making “gift” will end up marrying him to liberal policies once he’s in office.

Ted Cruz and “The Art of No Deal”

Trying to portray Donald Trump as a liberal is by no means a new attack – various independent groups have tried it, Rand Paul tried it once, Jeb Bush tried it a few times – but like all other attacks on the Teflon Don, none of them were terribly successful. But maybe this late-in-the-game shot stuck in at least some Iowa voters’ minds when they went to caucus – after all, something gave Cruz a leg up over Trump.

For this ad, the Cruz campaign rounded up as much lefty Trump quotes as they could find. We hear everything from Trump’s glowing praise of Hillary Clinton, to his “great relationship” with Sen. Chuck Schumer – presumptively the mascot of those pesky “New York Values.” The ad also features some rare occasions that Congress works together to get things done – all terrible, horrible concessions by Cruz’s standards.

The 3-minute long spot ends with the proclamation that “America doesn’t need a deal maker, America needs a fighter.” We see a defiant Cruz standing before a crowd, donning his finest Fonzarelli–style brown leather jacket – the accepted uniform of any true American rebel.

Ted Cruz Moves to Dethrone Donald Trump

It’s hard to say what was bigger news out of Iowa: Ted Cruz winning, or Donald Trump only coming in second. Either way, the candidates are both on their way to New Hampshire, where Cruz will have a much harder time pulling off the same upset.

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