Campaign operatives often will post silent footage, known as "B-roll" on YouTube, so friendly Super PACs can use the images for ads without technically violating the law, preventing coordination with the official campaign.

But media consultants on Ted Cruz's presidential campaign went one big step further: posting approximately 13 hours of unedited outtakes, primarily consisting of extended interviews with his family on his "Ted Cruz for Senate" YouTube channel.

Ted Cruz Works Around The Law Against Coordinating with Super PACs

CNN culled through the 16 blocks of video, and found some awkward moments that campaigns would normally leave on the cutting room floor. "There are some very personal details that I don't want to go into," says Cruz's mother in one clip, though it is not clear what the subject is.

Cruz's wife Heidi delivers several takes describing the long line of missionaries in her family, saying "my brother is presently a missionary in Haiti." But then she corrects the script: "Cut. Let's start that again. My brother's thing's too much. I can't get his gig down. He doesn't live there."

You can find Cruz struggling to incorporate his kids in the filming. CNN snipped the 15th take of Cruz trying to say "I approve this message" without his girls interrupting. You can see the family say "grace" before a meal multiple times. CNN also reports "When the film crew attempts to capture picturesque moments of the family taking a pleasant stroll through town with their daughters and a puppy, the daughters make faces and appear restless after many takes."

Ted Cruz Takes Oversharing to a New Level

Much of this material is unsuitable for ads, so it's not clear why the campaign made so many spools of raw footage publicly available. Much of what will get used is yet to be seen, in part because the family of pro-Cruz Super PACs has been squabbling with each other and hasn't produced many ads.

But when you finally see a 30-second Super PAC ad with glimpses of Cruz's family, you'll at least know how many hours was spent finding that perfect shot.

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