Since Marco Rubio announced his presidential campaign, he has pinned himself as the candidate of the future, and Hillary Clinton as a leader from “yesterday.”

In his latest spot, Rubio recycles an ad he released in June to highlight how this election is a “generational choice."

Rubio hones in on one of Hillary Clinton’s lines from the second Democratic presidential debate where she said she “come[s] from the 60s – long time ago.” To drive the point home, the clip is shown on an old-fashioned television.

After this memorable scene fades to static, Rubio appears to try to position himself as the antithesis of Hillary Clinton – a candidate who has lived “paycheck to paycheck,” experienced student loan debt – and wasn’t even alive in the 60s.

Real Clear Politics’s national polling average for a potential Marco Rubio vs. Hillary Clinton matchup places Clinton ahead by just 0.8 points. As the Rubio campaign continues to gain momentum, Democrats will certainly work to take him down a notch. This possible head to head matchup will be one to watch.

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