The Democratic side of the 2016 presidential election has been dominated by the excitement of a surprisingly close race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in Iowa. Unfortunately for former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, that means his presidential campaign has failed to gain any real traction.

Although O’Malley has asserted that he “loves a tough fight,” his presidential campaign may be coming to a slow end in The Hawkeye State. He is unlikely to have enough delegates to reach what the Democrats call the “viability threshold” – or support from at least 15% of caucus-goers.

If O’Malley fails to make the viability threshold, his supporters will have two options: either support a viable candidate, or sit the caucuses out all together.

Even though it’s a long shot, O’Malley is still pleading with his supporters to “hold strong” and support him tonight. We’ll see if this personalized message is enough to do the trick.

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