“The many faces of Hillary Clinton” may sound like the beginning of a GOP attack ad, but this time, it’s not.

Coinciding with Hillary’s NYC campaign kickoff rally, her campaign released an ad titled “Fighter” that showcases the many different “Hillarys” throughout key points in her 40 years of public service.

Until the NYC rally, Hillary was already campaigning in key states and cities while staying largely silent in the media – politicos called it her “low-risk listening tour.”

Her political ads up until now largely reflected this same strategy – all of them were shot in a “woman on the street” style, focusing on the struggles and perseverance of everyday American families. She didn’t even show up in her own announcement video until nearly the end.

But her kickoff rally, and her ad “Fighter” that coincided with it, marked a pivotal shift in her campaign strategy where she begins to focus on herself.

Young Hillary: The Fighter


Similar to the speech she made at her kickoff rally, the ad highlights the tough parts of Hillary’s past to remind viewers that she has the political backbone to wade into contentious issues and to reinforce her position as a candidate who fights for the American family.

The ad starts with a young Hillary who worked for the Children’s Defense Fund. She is described as a “caring, young, bright, creative student, who cared about children and those left behind.”

The idea here is that Hillary is still someone that fights for the American family, and judging by her stance on marriage equality, she is still someone that cares for those “left behind.”

First Lady Hillary: The Woman


Then we fast forward to 1995 while Hillary Clinton was the First Lady of the United States. The ad highlights what is probably Hillary’s defining moment as a fighter for women’s rights issues; her speech in Beijing at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women.

“Many people in our own government, in our Congress, did not want me to go to Beijing,” Hillary recalls. “But you don’t shy away from confronting human rights abuses.”

We then cut back to the speech and see a younger Hillary exclaiming, “Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.”

Sound familiar?


The Children’s Hillary: The Healthcare Warrior


Although Bill and Hillary Clinton weren’t able to fully implement their vision of healthcare reform in the 90’s, Hillary recalls having to “get up off the floor and keep fighting,” until she and Bill were able to pass the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Is this a nod to whether or not Hillary will stand up for Obamacare? Well, she may not be that committed yet.

Secretary of State Hillary: The Compromiser


After a quick gloss-over of her time as a United States Senator for New York, the video jumps to her 2008 presidential campaign, when she lost to Barack Obama.

Careful to paint this as a win, an anonymous 26-year “foreign service officer” says, “the fact that she was able to work for a former rival, President Obama, restored my faith in the political process.”

Would she be able to show the same willingness to break partisan barriers while in the White House? The ad wants us to make that conclusion.

Future Hillary: The Champion


“Fighter” wraps up with a powerful message spliced together from a mix of Hillary’s recent speeches.

“Every day Americans and their families need a champion; a champion who will fight for them every single day,” Hillary said. “And I want to be that champion.”

Hillary is continuing to top the polls, and even though she had been in a slump the last few weeks, her kickoff rally seemed to bring her right back up. It seems like for now the only fighting Hillary has to do is to defend herself from the barrage of ruthless, and sometimes baseless, attacks from the right.

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