President Obama's push for "fast-track" trade negotiation authority, which would prevent Congress from amending the possible regional trade deal with Asia, has long been hampered by resistance from the left, which argues that past trade deals serve corporations and not workers. The Republican takeover of the Senate likely helps Obama's cause. But there are enough Tea Party Republicans reluctant to give Obama increased power to require Democratic votes for passage.

The White House thinks it has a solution: sell the pending "Trans-Pacific Partnership" trade deal as progressive.

A new White House video, promoted via email using President Obama's name, aims to increase the left's comfort level with Obama's trade strategy.

Can Obama Win Progressive Support For Trade With Charts?

Recognizing that progressives have been hankering for investment in good-paying American manufacturing jobs, and that nerdy liberals love charts and statistics, the video features a bar graph showing that increased exports have "supported" (which is not the same as "created") more than 11 million jobs. The video's narrator goes on to say that those jobs pay "18 percent more" than jobs in non-exporting industries.

To put distance between Obama's trade arguments and the negative feelings many have towards NAFTA, the narrator assures that Obama trade approach will be "done the right way"

The video then lays more charts over Obama's trade comments in his State of the Union address, making the case that exports have fueled our recent recovery. To appeal to economic nationalists, a chart warns that China is trading more with their Asian neighbors than we are. "We should write those rules. We should level the playing field," not China, says Obama.

Is TPP The Most Progressive Trade Deal Ever?

The narrator caps the pitch, cheerleading the TPP as "the most progressive trade agreement the world has ever seen," raising labor and environmental standards instead of lowering them. These arguments are strenuously opposed by the anti-free trade left, who says the deal will replicate NAFTA and weaken those standards.

Who will win the debate? Skepticism about trade deals on the left runs high, but support for Obama on the left runs high too. This video is the beginning of a major test of the President's political bond with his base.

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