Just two days after Tina Fey brought her Sarah Palin impression back to Saturday Night Live, Palin returned the favor with a spoof of Fey's old show 30 Rock produced by Independent Journal.

The trailer for "31 Rock" features Palin as "Lynn Melon" and includes cameos from her old running mate Sen. John McCain and 30 Rock's Kevin Brown reprising his "Dot Com" character.

Palin Gets Creative To Push New Book

The skit slyly promotes Palin's new book "Sweet Freedom: A Devotional," framing the book and the show as skewering of political correctness.

"This is my safe space," Melon begins, trying to get Dot Com out of her office." "No snowflakes!" she grumbles when given an older Starbucks holiday coffee cup.

Then "Dot Com" makes the big book plug, telling Melon, "I didn't see you at book club last night. We reviewed Sarah Palin's new book 'Sweet Freedom: A Devotional' which, politics aside, is a great reminder of the pressures of P.C. culture."

Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham Team Up To Help Old Friend

We see Melon scrambling to keep her team in line. "Where's the new page?" she frantically asks an assistant. Then Sen. Lindsey Graham, looking awfully similar to 30 Rock's "Kenneth," gamely pops up.

Failing to get her writers to focus, she calls her "old friend," Sen. McCain, giving her advice the way 30 Rock's "Jack Donaghy" would, counseling her to shock the staff by saying "Star Wars didn't actually change cinema."

Palin has donned many hats since she left electoral politics: TV pundit, reality show star and book author. But maybe sketch comedy was her real calling all along.

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