What do online dating apps, Internet memes, YouTube stars and smoking have in common? This anti-smoking ad from Truth clarifies that intersection.

Today, it has become increasingly more difficult to reach the millennial generation with the onslaught of online stimuli, flashing videos and hash tags. That is why the people at Truth combined them all together to make a goofy, yet shocking music video.

See a Smoker, Swipe Left

This Truth Campaign PSA starts out looking like any other new commercial for a dating app similar to Tinder, where people swipe right for hot and swipe left for not. It becomes quickly apparent that people in the video are swiping left on everyone who are smoking in their profile pictures.

It then spirals into a music filled cliché of todays Internet fads. It shows prominently YouTube stars from Harley Mortenstein of Epic Meal Time to up and coming pop stars, like Becky G. Amongst all the explosions of Internet sensations the video keeps on message by continuing to state that smoking is a swipe left. To put in terms of someone not up on the hip new lingo “unattractive”.

This PSA demonstrates how social media has affected the way advertising strategy is being conducted. Instead of waiting or hoping that a video will go viral, ad teams are using pop icons that already have large social media following to boost their videos to viral status. Greatly increasing the brand awareness or highlighting an issue, such as anti smoking, that would have otherwise been lost in todays advertising noise.

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