Time and time again, we have watched the formulaic ad starring a politician’s wife –there’s the “ever-adoring-wife” or the wife that tries to bail out her husband (after he was involved in a prostitution scandal, perhaps?).

But behind the screen, how do politicians’ wives really feel about starring in political ads? Well, this campaign ad for Honest Gil Fulbright – a satirical presidential candidate created by campaign finance reform group Represent.Us – gives us a glimpse of how some political wives may really feel about starring in their husband’s political spot.

The “Practiced Smile” that Says “All Is Right” in the Candidate’s Home

Forget about the podium or going out to speak “with real people,” Mrs. Fulbright says – there’s no better place to deliver “a focus group message” than from a room that looks like “the cover of Architectural Digest.”

After all she says, “As a prop,” she is “best positioned ‘in the home’” where she can “conform to gender norms and exhibit aspirational family values.”

But look how happy she is! Even if her “practiced smile” and “lifeless eyes” come from years of being a part of the “soul-eating circus known as the political machine.”

Represent.Us and Honest Gil Mock the Candidate’s Wife Ad

Honest Gil’s ad team, Represent.Us, pretty much hit the “candidate’s wife ad” right on the nose.

Now, stay tuned for Honest Gil’s next spot – it will probably have a puppy, and maybe some cute kids all sitting around the breakfast table – you know, the quintessential American family.

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