As Hillary Clinton grapples with the ongoing inquiry into her private email server, her media consultant's are doing everything they can to ignore it.

This week the campaign released yet another political ad featuring Hillary's mother Dorothy, the fourth so far in the series.

Meet Hillary's Mom. Again.

The ad "Reshuffle the Deck and Rebuild The Middle Class" is lighter on the bio, as the media team presumes the audience has seen the earlier spots. Instead, Hillary dives right into her economic populist critique and uses her mom only to buttress her point.

"When you see that you've got CEOs making 300 times what the average worker is making, you know, the deck is stacked in favor of those at the top. I want it to be back where it was when I came of age, where my mom who never got to go to college can see her daughter go to law school."

After a couple of scrapbook shots of her family, and of Hillary graduating from law school, the imagery shifts to scenes of Hillary on the campaign trail meeting voters. Hillary continues: "We need to have people believing that their work will be rewarded. So I'm going to do everything I can to try to get that deck reshuffled so being middle class means something again."

Clinton '16 Following Clinton '92 Playbook

In 1992, Bill Clinton weathered questions about Gennifer Flowers and draft-dodging by using his personal biography – born in small town Arkansas, stood up to his abusive stepfather, refused to go easy on his drug-using brothers when governor – to prove his commitment to fighting for the middle class.

That strategy helped get him out of last place following the primaries into first place by the time of his convention. Now Hillary is following the same playbook.

The underlying assumption is that voters don't care as much about the particulars of personal scandals, but they do care if you are untrustworthy politician who won't fight for him. If you can prove that the fight for the middle class is in your bones, rooted in your upbringing, voters will be more forgiving. That, at least, is the hope. But if panicked Democratic voters pay more attention to Hillary's defensive press conferences than to the ads, that could entice other Democrats like Vice President Joe Biden to jump into the race.

In other words, there's a lot riding on this seemingly straight-forward ad.

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