Billionaire GOP donor Joe Ricketts is injecting himself into the Iowa Democratic caucuses, using his super PAC ESAFund to attack Bernie Sanders. But the attack appears to be the ol' reverse psychology trick, goading Iowans into propelling Bernie to the Democratic nomination so he can be pummeled in the general election.

How? The ESAFund's "attack" on Bernie is that he's "too liberal," even though Iowa Democratic caucusers are known to be a very liberal bunch.

Free College? Free Health Care? Eek!

"Senator Bernie Sanders has some very big plans. Bernie wants to provide free college to our young people. No tuition. Completely free," says the decidedly un-horrified narrator.

"Now Bernie is doubling-down with Medicare for all, which is basically single-payer government-sponsored health care." Considering that a plurality of Iowa Democratic caucus-goers are self-described socialists, this too is a punch deliberately intended not to land.

The narrator might as well be reading from Bernie's website: "No big insurance companies. Just more government spending paid for by raising taxes on Wall Street, big business and the super-rich."

The only trace of the ad actually being negative is the close: "Senator Bernie Sanders, too liberal for Iowa." But the narrator's tone is practically chipper.

Joe Ricketts Copies Claire McCaskill

Can such a transparent attempt at meddling in the other party's affairs actually work? It did at least once.

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill successfully manipulated Missouri GOP voters by running a primary ad calling right-wing Rep. Todd Akin "too conservative." The ad prodded primary voters into nominating him, and he proceeded to self-destruct by claiming "legitimate rape" victims don't have pregnancies that carry to term. McCaskill later boasted about her strategy in a memoir.

So what does McCaskill think of the "Too Liberal" ad? The Hillary Clinton supporter immediately tweeted: "I see you Joe Ricketts. And I know exactly what you’re up to. #ToddAkin Don’t fall for it Iowa Dems."

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